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This week has been a blur of mixing — For Dutch rockers BEP, for French bands Cheap Star and The H.O.S.T.. With mixing comes playing–adding guitars, keys, percussion, backing vocals as I see fit. The H.O.S.T., who play a hard rocking, anthemic style, reminiscent at times of the Arctic Monkeys, The Offspring, The Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age…I really enjoyed their recordings, I have to give kudos to the engineer, Victoria Verdollin at Deven Productions Studio , it was a pleasure to mix these tracks.

I also did some late nite recordings, last minute additions to the Carice van Houten album, playing bass, and doing some programming late at night. The same night I did a final backing vocal on the Eric Lichter album, all this after a day of mixing.

And, today, arrived Liisa from England, for a few days in which we hope to finish up the album we’ve been working on for two years now, wow. The songs still sound fresh, and with my ever improving mixing signal chain, they are getting a fresh coat of paint as we go along.

Meanwhile, I’ve been laying the groundwork for my album, starting to talk to video directors, publicists, get feedback from my release partners around the world. Speaking of which, it’s now set that the North American release of my album will be with Spark & Shine, in October (same time as my European release on Lojinx. I will have news on the Japan release soon.

So, you can preorder my album at on CD, LP, Digital or any combination, and in specially priced deluxe bundles that can inlcude a T shirt, a tote bag, an exclusive vinyl single…in fact, there are unique items from both the EU label and the US label, and your browser will identify where you logging in from…there are a number of cool items that are only available by preordering my album from the site…plus you get a good deal. Er, there’s shipping tho. Don’t let that scare ya. It’s such a great album. Please sign up!