Album almost launched

A few quick notes

First– Carice van Houten’s album “See You On the Ice” is out in Benelux, worldwide on iTunes. Entered the Dutch charts at #3 and is #1 on iTunes there. Wow. It’s a great album, well deserved of its success. Proud to be a part of it. We’ve been rehearsing for upcoming touring–so far we will support Rufus Wainwright at the Heineken Music Hall on Nov 25.

My album is coming out in Europe on Monday. I’m thrilled! We sold out the first pressing of vinyl, which means we’re out of stock for the first part of the tour–we have devised a voucher system to keep the orders coming in. If you see me on my tour dates, you’ll get the idea.

I’ve been working with many great bands in the last week–recording songs for Dutch band Live it Out; doing vocals and bass on another Dutch album; rehearsing with Carice; mixing songs for Seattle’s Nouveau Riche and Boise’s Still Propellors. I flew into Istanbul tonite for the kick off of my tour here Monday. We also did a rehearsal with string players etc. for my full band show in Amsterdam Nov 1.

The other day in Amsterdam I was on a street corner rendezvousing with JB, to go to rehearsal. Coming down the tram lines, i.e. where cars can’t go, were two motorcycle cops in front of a van, followed by a police van, all with sirens and lights. The van had a logo on the side that implied they were specialists in transporting art objects. Motorcycles did the progressive brake and block routine to shield the van’s left turn towards the museum district. I knew it had to be big, and a scan of the newspaper that day revealed that I was watching Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” being moved.

Despite the fact it’s 3am and Beyoglu is still jumping, I try to sleep.


Good night Moon…thanks for writing my album