Danzig in the Moonlight


“Danzig in the Moonlight” my fourth album is out now in Europe and coming in a few days to North America.

A culmination of all I have learned and experienced in over 30 years of performing, producing, writing, and conceptualizing music. The album reflects my wide interests, from avant-garde 20th century composers to generation Pitchfork and many stops in between and beyond.

I recorded with the A-list of the Dutch music scene, with a handpicked selection of my colleagues from Seattle, with a wicked LA Production duo who also mixed my album, and with some of the heaviest Bollywood players in Mumbai.

You can still preorder it if you are in North America now at www.danziginthemoonlight.com

European and other global citizens can order the album there, too! Preorder prices have now reverted to normal prices, but as the vinyl sold out, we are preordering vinyl worldwide.

By preordering you get your choice of double gatefold LP, CD and/or digital at a special price, plus optional add ons like an exclusive T Shirt (my first ever), an exclusive vinyl single with a non album track, and more.

Note to Japanese fans: Target Earth records will release the album with exclusive bonus tracks November 21!

Note to fans in South America, Australia/NZ –release details pending.

My website has been redesigned with the new release in mind. I still have my blog, and information on my work as a producer. Enjoy your visit, and I will see you soon on tour.