Back from Holland

Well, it was an intense week, following the loss of my long time friend and bandmate (White Flag, Chariot) Bill Bartell it was necessary, however, that I stay on target, working on Eva Auad‘s record with her. Which was also an intense experience, working long hours together putting the album together piece by piece in my laptop. I came home yesterday and had to dive into the mixing of the album, but in all honesty I’ve spread this mixing amongst many dates and have some touring in between, so I can take my time, pick away at these songs. As it’s really just us two who made it, with one sole bass part from her live band’s bassist, I’m way too close to it, but with perspective will come time. We have some other collaborators also to bring into the fold at this point, which will widen the album’s scope greatly, I believe.

Also, this week saw the release of Bastian Baker ‘s album “Too Old to Die Young”, released in France & Switzerland, but you can get more info from his website — I played keyboards, guitar, guitaret…all kinds of things, more things than I can remember, on it. I just got my copy in the mail so look forward to hearing the finished product soon but my memories of the sessions and the songs we worked on were great, check ’em out.

Oh, and another exciting announcement this week: Brendan Benson will celebrate the release of his new album with a concert at the historic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville Dec. 18; among the musicians joining him onstage will be myself, Jon Auer, Jack White, Eric Burdon…yep, it’s outrageous. Tix are $35 except for some of the premium seats which are $100. Tickets and more info here

Here in Paris it’s still muggy, Indian summer. Oysters are back at Le Baron rouge, which is a sign of autumn’s arrival as sure as any, but it seems early yet. Leaves are still green.