brief history of stringtime

PRE ORDER the upcoming KEN STRINGFELLOW live album–a double vinyl LP, with video *and* Mp3 or uncompressed audio download! “Paradiso in the Moonlight”. The only recording of one of the only full band shows I did for my last album “Danzig in the Moonlight”. Recorded at Amsterdam’s legendary “Paradiso” venue, with nearly everyone who played on the album backing me — drummer Joost Kroon; bassist/guitarist/my bro JB Meijers; keyboardist/accordionist Pim Kops; the Westside String trio; horn players; Eva Auad & my own daughter Aden on vocals; and a duet with none other than Margaret Cho. It’s limited to 300 copies and is selling fast so pre order NOW here! Ships from UK. The album artwork is designed by Moker Ontwerp who did the illustration for “Danzig” and the audio was mixed by theLAB who mixed “Danzig”. It’s a great performance, perfectly captured, a perfect companion piece to DITM.

This week I’ve been working on Richie Parsons’ album; we recorded 2 songs from scratch; did the bulk of overdubs on a third, and then I’ve gotten into mixing the rest of the album, which he’d recorded back in the states. Of course, there’s always overdubs to do, so I’ve been adding touches to various songs each day–backing vocals, guitar, keys, percussion. The album is getting kind of a Walker Bros. vibe…this I can dig! The weather was so nice today, I had a nice lunch break with Dom & Aden, Aden the perpetual sourpuss in a preteen way, but when we walked back from lunch she gripped my sleeve, like she’s done since she was a tiny baby.

The live album is selling well, but you can still preorder it…come ON!