We wrapped up our work on the Record (BTW if you’re reading this… PLEDGE!! if you haven’t already) this week, filling in the last songs, that is to say, we composed (with some help) and recorded. Sent out tons of files to guests. So far we have firm commitments from Matthew Caws to play the Narrator, and Shelby Earl to add some gospel stylings…drums have come in from our friend Adam Boyd, mandolin from our friend Nate Houge, and we have pedal steel and more coming soon.

The weather was gorgeous, we took our meals outside, all 4 of us (Dom, Aden, Holly, me) on the tiny table in the backyard. I spotted bats at dusk, I think they’re living even in our own attic.

Speaking of the Record…we added something really cool– partnering w Dysonics, we have recorded, as you’ve already read, material with their 360ยบ sound capturing device, the Rondo mic. With a special attachment to your headphones, and an app, you can head music in surround on normal headphones. We’ve recorded some exclusive content for it, including a song w Keren Ann, and there’s a package on our Pledge campaign that gives you the app, the device, and access to the content and you are going to want to get in on this…it’s the future of audio, folks!

Then, it was done, and at 5.30 the next morning, a taxi took Holly to start her journey to Spain, where she’s been ever since. I immediately switched over to working on the Phantom Sound mixes, I spread a day of mix touch ups over two days so I could do a few other things — like take Dom out for lunch at a restaurant we’d wanted to try in the neighborhood, Plaisirs des Terroirs. It’s a wine shop, and they serve lunch most days. Coming from Paris, it’s hard to find a restaurant that knocks our socks off in Tours, but we can say here that they were friendly, accommodating, and the wine was great. We also used the days to restock the fridge– it’s amazing how much more supplies we need when there are guests here.

So, by the end of these two days, the Phantom Sound record is pretty much done, and I also had time to work on my Elliott Smith covers for the upcoming concert at Printemps de Bourges.

We missed Holly, she was a great part of the family for her days here. Aden loves that there’s someone else sleeping upstairs. But, we had fresh blood after a couple of days… my bandmate came to continue working on developing our live act for the stage. We’ve been hard at work ever since. Plugging in our new equipment…

And thus…Sunday morning…I’m getting to work.