Playing my first ever online full length concert July 25

I am going to do my first ever, full length headlining live online concert July 25. I’m going to use a new platform, created by folks in Seattle, called Konnectclub. This will be LIVE on Konnectclub at 11am Seattle, 2pm New York, 7pm London 8pm Paris 9pm Helsinki etc. time!

It will work much like a regular concert — think Eventbrite but for online shows. You make an account, buy a ticket, and log in when the show is about to start. I’ll be doing this from my studio, so will have hi quality audio, and can play piano, guitar and sing. Rumors abound that Aden Stringfellow will make an appearance… you can send messages etc during the show… should be great. Tech soundcheck has been good!

I’ve created a few different tickets incl a limited number of early bird discount tix, and VIP tix where you can request a song or have me read a dedication out loud (no FCC violations/hate speech of course!) Check it out!

Tix and info:

Ken Stringfellow plays “Touched” and more solo tour North America Sept. – Nov. 2019

By popular demand, I am doing a North American Tour this fall presenting my 2001 album “Touched” and more — playing mostly non-venue spaces (many of which are secret shows), mostly with real pianos. Everything is on sale now except for Port Townsend and Seattle, I’ll update soon. I’m truly excited for this epic solo adventure!

head to the tour page for all the dates. Check back for the PT/SEA dates they will have active links soon.

Words and Pictures

I’m on a new adventure — participating in my first feature film. A blend of reality and fiction, this film seeks to explore questions of identity, family, and transformation all while shadowing the life of a touring musician…and human being.

You can support the film as we have a campaign running now to help cover the costs of the film. The campaign is running until mid May… there are cool ways to participate in the film, get an inside glimpse of the shooting, and even get some quality time with me.

AND…in case you missed it: my 2001 album “Touched” which had fallen out of print is now back, and on LP for the first time. Limited to 500 orange vinyl copies. Only available here

Paradiso In The Moonlight

Paradiso In The Moonlight

Paradiso In The Moonlight is a limited edition of 300 double vinyl heavyweight LPs capturing the Ken Stringfellow experience live at the Paradiso, Amsterdam, in 2012. It includes a 1080p video download of the entire concert plus mp3 and 24/48 uncompressed audio files. It will not be released on CD.  PRE-ORDER IT HERE

Anytime you assemble a dozen or so great musicians and let ’em rip, the results are bound to have an epic tinge. It’s a spectacle just to see that much talent spread across one stage. But this night at Amsterdam’s iconic Paradiso venue had another aspect to it – it nearly didn’t happen at all. I was coming from a stateside recording session, and between Hurricane Sandy and mechanical delays, my flight barely made it and I barely made those flights. At each airport on the way I was forced into in a full-bore run with all my stuff to get to my gate. Arrive I did, and thank effin G, as the rescheduling of musicians, venue and me was a math problem best left at the outer edges of cloud computing. In my mind, I was overwhelmed by the fact that I almost missed making this happen, and you can see a mix of desperation to capitalize on this unlikely gathering and the sense of triumph where one lone man has overcome the cruelty and caprice of the indifferent gods…this is not a simulacrum of epic-ness…it is itself Epic.

And it rocks. Nearly the complete cast of “Danzig in the Moonlight” is here – the rhythm section of Joost Kroon & JB Meijers; keyboard/accordionist Pim Kops, of Dutch legends De Dijk; the West Side Trio string section, themselves a subset of the venerable Metropole Orchestra; Roland Brunt and Peter van Soest, horn section for De Dijk; Eva Auad, a great artist in her own right on backing vocals; my heavenly honey-haired daughter Aden steps in for some vocals as well, and by great luck, legend of comedic stage and screen Margaret Cho reprises her role as my duet partner, as she does in the LP and video versions of “Doesn’t It Remind You of Something”. The album was mixed by theLAB who are the team behind Danzig.

We’ll not see these ‘lights of Europe’ lit again in our lifetime…but it was perfectly documented this night.


Danzig in the Moonlight


“Danzig in the Moonlight” my fourth album is out now in Europe and coming in a few days to North America.

A culmination of all I have learned and experienced in over 30 years of performing, producing, writing, and conceptualizing music. The album reflects my wide interests, from avant-garde 20th century composers to generation Pitchfork and many stops in between and beyond.

I recorded with the A-list of the Dutch music scene, with a handpicked selection of my colleagues from Seattle, with a wicked LA Production duo who also mixed my album, and with some of the heaviest Bollywood players in Mumbai.

You can still preorder it if you are in North America now at

European and other global citizens can order the album there, too! Preorder prices have now reverted to normal prices, but as the vinyl sold out, we are preordering vinyl worldwide.

By preordering you get your choice of double gatefold LP, CD and/or digital at a special price, plus optional add ons like an exclusive T Shirt (my first ever), an exclusive vinyl single with a non album track, and more.

Note to Japanese fans: Target Earth records will release the album with exclusive bonus tracks November 21!

Note to fans in South America, Australia/NZ –release details pending.

My website has been redesigned with the new release in mind. I still have my blog, and information on my work as a producer. Enjoy your visit, and I will see you soon on tour.