Mull, Again

Last night I dreamt that my reality had been forged with that of medieval Japan. Already in trouble as an antigovernment agitator, I met a man on the road. He told me his name was Darius (he was Japanese, FYI). I said, how odd, I just lost a friend named Darius and here you are. Well, friend, we are going to a tavern to drink and gamble (Clearly, I dream in Kurosawa). He asked me where my family fishes; I said, Ocean Shores, down by Oregon. We arrived at the tavern and the game we were betting on, there were just three of us — myself, Darius, and the innkeeper–was throwing the detached halves of pairs of scissors at a target. I already knew it was too much of a coincidence to run in to this man on the lonely road to the tavern, and he was an assassin sent to get me drunk and when it was his turn to throw the scissors, he’d attempt to kill me.

Later, after a long episode of not finding my luggage, my gate etc in the airport (I have travel anxiety dreams too) I was in the downtown of a city, and trying to find shelter before a nuclear weapon went off.

A little tired this morning.

Tho’ her birthday was a month ago, schedules being what they are means Aden’s birthday party is today. We’re meeting up with 10 or so kids at Luluparc, which is a simple place with mini golf and water slides and what not. She loves it, I’m sure it will be a hit. However, she came down with a fever last night. Determined to go, she’s resting now. Her best friend’s dad’s a doctor, he gave her a look over and said she’d be fine w OTC antibiotics (yes, in France, you can get amoxicillin w/o a prescription).

Since I got home from Connecticut, I’ve been working on my own music, really. We went thru a couple rounds of mastering on the Country Album, making a few EQ, level and spacing adjustments. We can now say The Record is done!! So you should have a digital release soon. I’ve listened to it a lot in this process; I’m really proud of it. You can still pre order the LP, CD or download, by the way. Hit that highlighted link a couple lines up, there.

Other than that, I’ve been writing, which is a slow process for me these days. I work a tiny bit, walk away. My brain starts to hurt pretty fast. Come back to it several times in the day. Allergies were killing me for a couple days, I couldn’t concentrate on writing, I was sneezing or blowing my nose every 30 seconds. Awful. It stabilized, but it took a couple of days. Allergy meds weren’t helping.

I took Aden to see, in French and in rather weak 3D, Jurassic World. Could have been worse. It was nice to have a father daughter date, just us two, making jokes and spending exclusive time. Undivided attention is one of the world’s most precious resources.

We also went to Aden’s school spectacle, the end of the year party with carnival games, performances by all the kids (lame, but you have to love it– kids in insect costumes, or trying to juggle). The coveted prize from the games was a squirt gun– everybody got one, eventually, and you can imagine what *that* was like.

Dom & I had a date, too, on Friday. I was in Paris to meet with Joseph Leon, a great songwriter from Paris, and after the meetings Dom & I had a rendezvous at a special wine place I’m part of, and shared a very special bottle, I can’t even really tell you about it. It was made possible with a generous gesture from my best friend Brian (proprietor of the label that releases my music in the US). Maybe we made more royalties for Danzig in the Moonlight than I know? But I think he’s just a very generous person. We loved it, thank you!