Playing my first ever online full length concert July 25

I am going to do my first ever, full length headlining live online concert July 25. I’m going to use a new platform, created by folks in Seattle, called Konnectclub. This will be LIVE on Konnectclub at 11am Seattle, 2pm New York, 7pm London 8pm Paris 9pm Helsinki etc. time!

It will work much like a regular concert — think Eventbrite but for online shows. You make an account, buy a ticket, and log in when the show is about to start. I’ll be doing this from my studio, so will have hi quality audio, and can play piano, guitar and sing. Rumors abound that Aden Stringfellow will make an appearance… you can send messages etc during the show… should be great. Tech soundcheck has been good!

I’ve created a few different tickets incl a limited number of early bird discount tix, and VIP tix where you can request a song or have me read a dedication out loud (no FCC violations/hate speech of course!) Check it out!

Tix and info: